OG Episode 5: Space Cowboys

Scotty827 and Tipdawg20 are back and talking about the newest update and Space theme!  Find out Scotty’s newest “Dear Supercell” feature request, and a new challenge for Tipdawg!  Plus, a brief history of walls and all things clashy!

Episode 49: Zod Rules

We’re back with more talk about Clan Wars, and the ever present thorn in our side:  Ghosting.  We’ve got lot of strategies and more second account talk to get to, as well as our plans moving forward.  Plus, rules and ideas for House of Zod!

Original Air Date:  July 1, 2014

Episode 48: House of Zod

We’re back with Boaz, talking about our second accounts and our new clan:  House of Zod!  Boaz weighs in on the Gold vs Elixir debate, and Boneyard talks about his new adventures as PLAYER ONE!

Original Air Date:  June 25, 2014

Special Episode 17: Boaz Strikes Back

Scotty and Boaz are back talking about Clan Wars, Boaz’s Trophy Push with the True Sons, and an update on the Clash of Clans Karaoke Tournament.  What exactly is an anti hog base?  Find out!  Plus, we talk about strategy and tactics for our lower level second accounts!

Original Air Date:  June 23, 2014