Podcast Episodes

OG Episode 25: To Druid, Or Not To Druid

We’re back and chatting about life in July’s Unlimited Hero Event!  We discuss Fake Legends and the importance of Legend Trophies to a player’s profile!  Plus, Tip gives a crash course on when and where to use healers and druids, and we recap the new Hero idea’s from Tips new YouTube video!  Scotty falls in love with the Rocket Spear, and as always, we can’t help but talking everything clashy!

OG Episode 24: Going Pro

We’re back with a brand new episode, with Scotty as a a brand new TH 15 and new army comps to play with! We weigh in on the Clash Worlds Reinstatement News, and what it really means for the average player! Plus, for all you podcast listeners out there, Tipdawg breaks down the path for you or your clan to go Pro!

OG Episode 23: The Wider World of Clash

Scotty and Tip are back and talking about the Wider World of Clash! We dig into some of the major questions from last week’s interview with Ghostnite! We weigh in on the state of the value within the game and the Supercell Creator happenings dominating Clash News these past few weeks! Also, we get a chance to catch up with where we’re both at in the game! And as always, everything Clashy!

OG Episode 22: Ghostnite (Special Guest)

Scotty and Tip are back with special guest Ghostnite:  Professional Base Tester, Elite Esports player, FindThatBase representative, and World Base Building collaborator! We get an inside peek on life in the elite realms of clash, and Ghostnite shares some invaluable insights into base design, testing, and trapping!  Plus, his thoughts on hero equipment, hard mode, and so much more!  Strap in and get ready for a wild ride! 

OG Episode 21: Hard Mode 2

Scotty and Tip are back and talking life post update!  Scotty tells tales of dancing by disco light with the Cocaine Bear (Druid) and Tip does the math on the Builder’s Apprentice!  Plus,Tip shares some thoughts on the new hard mode, and as always, everything clashy!

OG Episode 20: Cocaine Bear

Scotty and Tip are back and talking all about the new update! There’s a new troop, a new mode, and a new builder (kind of)! What does it mean for the game, and the future of war? Plus, Scotty dubs the new troop the Cocaine Bear! We’ve got a lot of clash to unpack this week!

OG Episode 19: Rocket Launch

We’re back and talking all about the releases in Clash! We talk the new Rocket Spear (finally) and Supercell’s official announcement of Hard Mode! Scotty talks attacks post bowler buff, CWL, and we can’t get enough of the Wild West Season!

OG Episode 17: Crop Dusting Hogs

We’re back and discussing the end of the season (and event troops) and the preparations for the new season and CWL!  We dive into the Hero Equipment combos and what Hero and Pet pair best for different strategies!  Plus, we talk the dominance of Root Riders at the pro levels, and as always everything clashy! 

OG Episode 16: Turn Down For What

We’re back with an update on the troop space for the Warden Pull with some interesting findings!  Plus, Scotty gets a lesson on Warden and Queen Walk, and learns something new about Super Minions!  We talk Super Wall Breakers, E Titans, Super Bowlers, pathing strategies, and where we’re at in the game!