Podcast Episodes

Episode 32: Trophy Push

Well we’re back and talking about all things Clash!  Boneyard’s switched up his army, we talk about Scotty’s trophy push with RAIN OF FIRE, tons of shout outs, and of course a bunch of craziness!

Original Air Date:  January 27, 2014

Episode 31: Orion

The week we’re joined by Clan Member Orion – and we get to talk about where he’s at in the game, answer some questions, and talk about when and where it’s an appropriate to Clash! We had a great time with this – enjoy!

Episode 29: Christmas Clean Up

We’re back with a new episode in which we talk about the glory of the 1 gem boost, Scotty’s air attacks, and of course what we got for Xmas.  Plus, Boneyard has a special idea for what he’d like to see in the coming year in Clash of Clans!

Original Air Date:  January 10, 2014

Episode 28: Merry Clashmas

Scotty and Boneyard are back with a very Merry Clash of Clans Podcast!  What can I say about this episode, except that we talk a lot of strategy and tactics, and Boneyard just can’t stop talking about everything!  Clash on!

Original Air Date:  December 21, 2013