Episode 6: The Wiki Guys

This week we bring you a special episode, where we had a chance to interview a few of the guys from the Clash of Clans Wiki.  This week we go behind the scene with BlazedDragon, Lugia101101, and GorillaMan!

Original Air Date: 3/22/13

Episode 5: Bonemusic

This week we talk about the new update, announce a special upcoming episode, and Boneyard gets more musical than ever.  It’s been a big week in Clash of Clans and there is a ton to talk about! 

Original Air Date:  3/16/2013

Episode 4: X Bow Dreams

This week we talk about some new information about the X Bow and a trick to get around the Hidden Tesla.  Plus, Scotty talks about his defense and offense approaches.  Plus the usual nerdy talk!

Original Air Date:  March, 2013

Episode 3: Bonehead

Original Air Date: March 13, 2013

This week, Boneyard talks about his strategies in attacking and defending, and along the way does a horrible Darth Vader misquote.  Also, a little follow-up to episode two’s conversation about loot and what you can get raided for.  Enjoy!

Episode 1: The Beginning

 The Podcast Begins Here.  In our first episode of the podcast, Scotty827 and Boneyard  introduce you to our world, discuss some tactics, and get into what’s new in the Clash of Clans World this week.

(Original Recording Date Jan 2013)