Episode 12: Casting Clash

This week we premier the our ideal cast list of the Clash of Clans epic saga!  Plus, we answer your questions, and recap the update to the amount of loot you can expect to get from a raid.  Plus, a fan chimes in with upgrade order suggestions!

Original Air Date:  May 2, 2013

Episode 11: Fan Questions

This week, Supercell had to reschedule, so we made it an episode that’s all about the Fans in the Stands!  We discuss your comments and questions, and get into all things Clash of Clans – and some that aren’t!  

Original Air Date:  April 25, 2013

Episode 9: Leaked

This week we talk about what’s new in Clash of Clans as well as the video that was leaked on the internet about the new update!  Plus, the strangest fan call yet, and Scotty interviews Clash of Clans Wiki staff member BlazedDragon about his clan! 

Original Air Date: 4/13/13

Episode 8: Fans in the Stands

This week we make the biggest announcement yet!  Then we answer some fan questions, give some shout outs, and Scotty introduces his new theory on the future of the COC economy!  Plus, Lugia’s back in an interview talking about his strategy!

Original Air Date:  4/4/13

Episode 7: Fan Questions

The week, Scotty makes a surprise announcement, we answer fan questions and talk about the update, and begin the conversation about all things clans!

Original Air Date:  Late March, 2013

Episode 6: The Wiki Guys

This week we bring you a special episode, where we had a chance to interview a few of the guys from the Clash of Clans Wiki.  This week we go behind the scene with BlazedDragon, Lugia101101, and GorillaMan!

Original Air Date: 3/22/13

Episode 5: Bonemusic

This week we talk about the new update, announce a special upcoming episode, and Boneyard gets more musical than ever.  It’s been a big week in Clash of Clans and there is a ton to talk about! 

Original Air Date:  3/16/2013

Episode 4: X Bow Dreams

This week we talk about some new information about the X Bow and a trick to get around the Hidden Tesla.  Plus, Scotty talks about his defense and offense approaches.  Plus the usual nerdy talk!

Original Air Date:  March, 2013