OG Episode 17: Crop Dusting Hogs

We’re back and discussing the end of the season (and event troops) and the preparations for the new season and CWL!  We dive into the Hero Equipment combos and what Hero and Pet pair best for different strategies!  Plus, we talk the dominance of Root Riders at the pro levels, and as always everything clashy! 

OG Episode 16: Turn Down For What

We’re back with an update on the troop space for the Warden Pull with some interesting findings!  Plus, Scotty gets a lesson on Warden and Queen Walk, and learns something new about Super Minions!  We talk Super Wall Breakers, E Titans, Super Bowlers, pathing strategies, and where we’re at in the game!  

OG Episode 11: April 2024 Update!

Scotty827 and Tipdawg20 are back with a supersized episode with all that’s new in the April update!  We discuss the new features, quality of life improvements, and more thoughts on the secret Rocket Spear!  Plus, we talk Queen Walk, funneling, and the Recall Spell!

OG Episode 7: Warden Werk

This week Scotty makes a huge prediction about the future of clash! We discuss strategy in event medals, the new Warden ability, and the leaked Rocket Spear ability! Plus, Tipdawg gives Scotty a crash course on the Warden! Plus everything clashy!

OG Episode 6: Fire in the Sky

It’s raining fire in clash and Scotty827 and Tipdawg20 are back to talk about it! We discuss the new Super Dragon event, and the new Warden ability – the Fireball! Tipdawg20 breaks down the benefits and drawbacks of the new equipment. Plus, we catch up after CWL, discuss the state of the game, and everything clashy!

OG Episode 5: Space Cowboys

Scotty827 and Tipdawg20 are back and talking about the newest update and Space theme!  Find out Scotty’s newest “Dear Supercell” feature request, and a new challenge for Tipdawg!  Plus, a brief history of walls and all things clashy!

Episode 49: Zod Rules

We’re back with more talk about Clan Wars, and the ever present thorn in our side:  Ghosting.  We’ve got lot of strategies and more second account talk to get to, as well as our plans moving forward.  Plus, rules and ideas for House of Zod!

Original Air Date:  July 1, 2014