Ep 107 – Barrack Hell

Scotty, Cerb3rus, Bama Jarhead, and Somebody Else are back talking everything clashy post the August Balance Changes (aka Update)!  We discuss the balancing during our arranged war, what we’ve noticed since, and what it means for each TH level!  Plus, we talk miner attacks, and everything clashy!

Ep 106 – A Simple Plan

Happy 4th Birthday Clash!  Scotty, Bama Jarhead, Cerb3rus, and Somebody Else, are hanging out and getting into El’s new war strategy!  We discuss Bama’s TH 9 push, building a new war strategy (and the trouble along the way), and everything clashy!

Ep 105 – Potluck

Scotty827, Sasquatch, Somebody Else (the player), and Cerb3rus are back and talking the big Pot Luck war in El this week!  We discuss what goes into Pot Luck wars, war weights, thoughts on base building, and bowler herding!  Plus, everything clashy this week in Clash!

Ep 104 – The El Train

Scotty is back with Sasquatch and Somebody Else (The Player), and we’re discussing everything that’s been going on in clash!  Find out about El’s crazy week, Scotty’s farming troubles, and what we’re nerding out about in clash!

Ep 103 – Dawn of the Pro Tip

Scotty, Lethal Weapon, Dirk Diggler, Dirty Pirate, Oh Shack Henisy, and TheGrandPoobah along with a special cameo from 50shadesofWaite are back and talking all things clash!  Plus, hear some Pro Tips from the man himself!  A very clashic episode!

Ep 102 – It’s Raining Content

Scotty and Lethal are back and talking about everything post update!  We try to get to all the new changes and think about what they mean for clash!  We begin the discussion of the next era of clash!

Ep 101: Dead Modders, Botters, and Bases (Oh My!)

Scotty and Lethal are back with a big episode!  We talk about the death of modding, the new time changes, and the game balance updates that have rocked the game.  Plus we speculate on the impact the change will have on the game, answer your questions, and nerd out about all things clashy!

Ep. 100 – Clan Level Rising

Scotty and Lethal Weapon and are catching up after the update!  We talk about El’s new leadership, clan level 10, and our thoughts on what’s happened post update!  Plus, everything clashy!

Episode 99 – Four Dorks, One Update

Before there were sneak peeks, there were four dorks speculating!  Join Scotty827, Lethal Weapon, 50ShadesofWaite, and Dirk Diggler as we discuss what we know or suspect about the upcoming update (pre-sneak peek), talk about what’s new in the game, and everything Clashy!

Episode 98 – The Buzz Stops Here

Scotty, Murtaugh, Hufer, and Somebody Else (The Player), are back and discussing House of El’s big war WIN against OneHive!  It was an epic week in the House of El, and we recap the war, the matchup, and what we learned.  Plus, everything clashy!